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What is RUSTBUSTER® Detergent Action Penetrating Oil?

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Category: General FAQs

RUSTBUSTER® Quickly Changes Rust and Dirt from a Solid to a Liquid. Hundreds of Industrial Uses: Frees Rusted Nuts, Bolts, Studs, Locks Frees Sticky Valves, Frozen Battery Terminals, Jammed and Locked Mechanisms. Frees Corroded Bolts on mufflers and tailpipes. Lubricates automotive shocks, manifolds, heat control vales, and throttle linkages. Removes grime, grease, and carbon from engine heads. Cleans and lubricates lawn mowers, door hinges, locks, window cracks, bicycles, sewing machines, outboard marine motors, farm machinery, and earth moving equipment. Used by Airlines, Truck and Bus Fleets, Plumbers, Garage men, Industrial Maintenance Men, etc

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