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Military Approved Synthetic Bio-CLP Gun Oil


G96 Synthetic Bio-CLP Gun Oil has been approved for use by the U.S. Army for 21st century cleaning, lubricating, and preservation of both small and large caliber weapons and weapons systems. Military Spec MIL-PRF 63460F (Type B) & NATO S-758.

G96 Stock Numbers and National Stock Numbers (NSN’s)

  • G96 2070, NSN: 9150-01-663-4635 – 0.5 oz. cylindrical plastic bottle in natural
  • G96 2053M, NSN: 9150-01-663-3879 – 4 oz.  at oval plastic bottle in natural
  • G96 2071, NSN: 9150-01-663-4643 – 1 pint cylindrical plastic bottle w/sprayer in white
  • G96 2072, NSN: 9150-01-663-4623 – 1 liter cylindrical plastic bottle w/sprayer in white
  • G96 2053G, NSN: 9150-01-663-4610 – 1 gallon plastic bottle in natural

Also available in 55 gallon drums.

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This product is formulated for maximum gun and environmental protection. It is readily 85% biodegradable, contains no solvents or VOC’s and is 51% biobased.

  • Cleaner: Significantly improves clean up after  firing.
  • Lubricant: Original tolerances will be maintained longer under extreme conditions.
  • Preservative: Unique combination of additives protects and bonds to metal, yet it is
    safer for the environment than most other additives.


Safe for use on polymers.

Live Fire Tests conducted by the U.S. Army (ARDEC) on M249’s – PASSED
Salt Water Immersion – PASSED
Dynamic Dust – PASSED
Cold Temperature – PASSED

Laboratory Tests conducted by the U.S. Army (ARDEC) – PASSED
Flash Point, min 65C (149F) – PASSED
Pour Point, max -59C (-74F) – PASSED
Viscosity, Kinematic (w/solvent) at +40C (104F), min (Value 14 cst) – PASSED
Viscosity, Kinematic (w/solvent evaporated) at -40C (-40F), max (Value 5,000 cst) – PASSED
Wear Preventative Characteristics, avg. Scar Diameter, max 0.8mm – PASSED
Falex Load Carrying Capacity, Jaw load, min. 500 lbs. – PASSED
Metal Corrosion Protection – PASSED
Humidity Resistance (after 900 hours of exposure) – PASSED
Salt-Spray Resistance (after 96 hours of exposure) – PASSED
Interference with Chemical Agent Detector Paper – PASSED
Toxicity – PASSED

NOTE: Lubricants which used to be qualified under MIL-PRF-63460D or earlier are no longer valid and do not meet the criteria of the new 63460F specification. Military organizations should be cautioned not to use lubricants which are no longer approved.


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