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Biobased Cleaner, Lubricant, and Preservative (CLP) Demonstration Summary

Biobased Cleaner, Lubricant, and Preservative (CLP) Demonstration Summary

PATERSON, N.J., Aug. 12, 2023

The Department of Defense’s (DoD) Sustainable Technology Evaluation and Demonstration (STED) Program is demonstrating the use of biobased Cleaner, Lubricant, and Preservative (CLP) for weapons and weapon systems at various DoD Installations. This initiative is in line with the USDA’s BioPreferred Program, which sets a minimum biobased content of 32% for firearm care products. These products, before adoption, must meet the performance criteria established in MIL-PRF-63460F, which categorizes CLP into non-biobased (Type A) and biobased (Type B). Currently, the biobased product “G96 Synthetic Bio-CLP by G96 Products Inc” is under demonstration at multiple military and federal facilities. Feedback from these demonstrations indicates that the biobased CLP products outperformed traditional counterparts in various ways, including longer lubrication, improved carbon removal, reduced cleaning time, and enhanced weapon reliability. To support this initiative, the Defense Logistics Agency established National Stock Numbers for different container sizes of biobased CLP.

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